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On the 15th of March 2023, the Sentient Law Project was officially presented in the White Hall of the National Congress. There was an informative conference with international speakers Philip Low, Juan Carlos Vargas, Maximo Mazzocco, Leonardo Barnaba, and Liz Solari; together with Connie Isla’s performance. National deputies and senators, environmentalist and animalist NGOs that support the project, judges, prosecutors, specialized lawyers, and the media were also present.

Phillip Low

Neuroscientist, Inventor, and Author of the Cambridge Declaration on Animal Consciousness.
Actress, Film Producer, Animals Rights Advocate.

Máximo Mazzoco

Environmentalist, Eco House Founder, Ambassador of the Global Youth at UNDP.

Juan Carlos Losada Vargas

Member of the Colombian Chamber of Representatives, Nature Activist.

Leonardo Barnabá

Penalist and environmentalist lawyer.

Leonardo Grosso

National Deputy.